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 Issue # 63 January 2009 
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    by Matt Stephens
    January 2009

    Holy Cow! 2008 is already over. Can you believe it? What seems like a couple of weeks turned out to be an entire year. I really hope that 2008 was as good for all of you and your families as it was for me and mine. I truly am appreciative of all I have and those I have to share it with.

    The theme for this month's newsletter is "The Toolbox". I know in this office that conjured up images of rusty old boxes filled with misfit tools hidden away in a closet somewhere. For me, along with those images I also see the Internet.

    You see, on many calls from our customers, as a technician I have to use tools that you can't find in stores. Tools called help documents, forums, and online technical support. You, as an internet subscriber, have the same tools right at your fingertips. What some of you may lack however is the training or practice needed to use those tools. Something I tell all of my new hires is that Google is your best friend.

    You can find just about anything you need or want to find on Google. For instance: let's say that your faucet is leaking. You can find step by step instructions for fixing it by simply searching for leaky faucet repair on Google. I use Google daily. Many times a day in fact. I use it to find solutions to issues that our customers are having, as well as solutions to issues I have of my own. The great thing about this toolbox, it's free and you'll never have to pay anything but time to find the answer you need.

    Google is not, by any means, the only tool out there. There are search engines all over the web. There is MSN, Yahoo, Google, Dog pile, Alta Vista, and many others. You can try them out and see which one works best for you. You can even do a search from any of them to find other search engines. The tools you can find on the internet to help you resolve any issue you may face are endless.

    The next time you have a job you want to tackle, but need help; search it out on the internet. Most likely you will find help in doing it.

    Happy New Year everyone. I hope that this year is better than the last, even if you think it couldn't possibly be!

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