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 Issue # 6 February 2004 
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  • "My Doom" on the Loose
    by Katrina Moran
    February 2004
    There is a new computer worm that is on the loose slowing down the internet and plaguing PC users. BMI customers are protected from getting this virus through their BMI email box, however, if you have a Yahoo, Hotmail or any other email box, you could be at risk. "My Doom" also known as "Novarg" is multiplying as fast as 100 times in 30 seconds. The worm looks like a normal message (possibly from someone you know) with an attachment with the following subject lines: test, hi, hello, mail delivery system, mail transaction failed, server report, status or error; that you receive by email. When a computer is infected, the worm will setup a backdoor into the system by opening TCP ports 3127-3198 which can potentially allow an attacker to connect to the computer and use it as a proxy to gain access to its network resources. The worm will perform a Denial of Service (DoS) starting on February 1, 2004. It also has a trigger date to stop spreading on February 12, 2004. These events will only occur if the worm is ran between or after those dates. While the worm will stop spreading on February 12, the backdoor component will continue to function after this date. For more information on this virus and Removal Instructions, please visit Symantec Website. You can also scan your computer for viruses for free by going to Trend Micro Website
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