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The On Ramp

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 Issue # 65 March 2009 
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    by Matt Stephens
    March 2009

    Happy March to everyone! I hope this spring finds you with as few issues as seem to have had over the winter. It's been pretty slow around here, with the exception of a server issue here and there. Being slow in the Technical Support Department sure doesn't give me a whole lot to talk about in an FAQ column though. The theme for this month's newsletter is A Better Way.

    There are so many things I could talk about on a topic like this that it's hard to select just one. But I think I can manage. Let's keep it internet related - shall we? It's the American way really; trying to find a better way to do something. From the automotive industry, to building houses, to making money, to putting the filling in a Twinkie - Americans always want to find a better way. It's that kind of spirit that has led this nation of ours into the technological future we are enjoying.

    But how can this help you? Well, that's easy. The Internet is a better way to do a lot of things. It's a better way to keep in touch with friends and family. It's a better way to meet people. It's a better way to get the news. When I was a kid in school we had to use the library to find information about things. It would take hours to come up with enough information to write a paper or finish homework. With the internet, you can do things like that in a fraction of the time. Even with dialup. It's a better way to find information.

    I recently bought a Jeep Cherokee. I bought it knowing it had some issues, like overheating, leaks, things like that. With over 300,000 miles what do you really expect? With the internet at my disposal, I was able to find the information I needed to repair the Jeep in a few hours though. So you see, the Internet is a better way to find information. Doesn't matter what you want to learn, with the Internet it's easy. Well, easier anyway...

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