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 Issue # 65 March 2009 
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  • A Better Way to File Taxes
    by Michelle Mook
    March 2009

    It's time again to file our federal and state income taxes.

    It's a necessary chore that very few enjoy doing, but it doesn't have to involve a dining room table covered in paperwork, adding machines, and pens and pencils.

    You can do your taxes online, file them electronically, and receive your refund directly into your checking account.

    There are two ways to do this. One is to use a company like TurboTax to guide you through filing step-by-step and help you find deductions. These services are generally for-pay, and the cost is based on the type and complexity of forms you need to file.

    The other way is to fill in editable IRS forms online, and submit them electronically.

    To help guide you in picking an online filing method, the IRS has provided an informative web site. I've found that the most useful page there is the Free File page, which offers links to IRS forms as well as links to tax preparers who will allow you to file for free if your 2008 income is $56,000 or less.

    I've been filing my taxes online for ten years, through both simple years when all I filed was a 1040-EZ, and more complicated years when I was contracting and had to file Schedule C forms. I've found online filing to be easier, more thorough, and ultimately cheaper than either doing it manually or hiring an accountant.

    And the best part is that all of my past returns are stored online for easy and instant access from any Internet-connected computer.

    I filed my taxes online on January 28th and had my refund direct deposited into my checking account on February 10th. I never even had to buy a stamp, let alone wait by my mailbox or drive to the bank.

    If you've never filed online before, now is a great time to give it a try!
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