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 Issue # 65 March 2009 
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    by Rochelle Helms
    March 2009

     Let's talk :

    Some people believe the government should censor the internet to make it safer for children. Some people think it should be up to the parent to censor the internet for their children. I found a site that even made a Declaration of Internet Independence

    If you are looking to safe guard the internet for your kids, did you know BMI has a program available? Take a tour of kidsnet. It's just $3 a month, $7 per quarter or $24 a year! That is a low cost for peace of mind solution.

    Imagine if everyone (EVERYONE) in town would get a phone call with information regarding a missing child (in your area) and details known at the time. As a parent I think it's a brilliant idea. There is somewhere in the U.S. that thinks it's brilliant too: Skaneateles NY has new way to find missing children.

    There is a better way, in some opinions, to talk to children. I found the article in pdf format which is more appealing to the eye but I realize some of you may not have Adobe reader. Luckily, I found another link that doesn't require additional software here: Positive Ways to Talk to Children  Need more information? Try this site. PBS 

    Finally, I had to include a St Patricks Day fun page! From games and crafts to recipes. A great way to celebrate with the kids.

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