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 Issue # 68 June 2009 
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  • Camping
    by Rochelle Helms
    June 2009

    One of the first things I think of when someone says summer is camping. I loved camping when I was young. With vacations coming up, maybe camping is a great idea. Taking the kids along can be a challenge of its own. I found this link for some tips on camping with kids: Love The Outdoors

    There are campgrounds everywhere. To find a campground try this link: Campground SearchJust enter the location and search for suggestions.

    National parks are a great destination for a vacation and camping. You can search by different criteria; by name, location, activity and/or topic. If you are looking a National Park with hiking and caves in Utah enter it in here. Find Parks

    Has it been a while or are you new to camping? Not to fear, I have a great link for you. This Camping 101 site is full of fun and useful information:   Camping.

    Camping food was always a favorite. Maybe because it's cooked on an open fire or maybe because it's the one time we had graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate all in one sugar-sweet sandwich called S'mores.

    There is more to camp food then S'mores, hard to imagine I know. But I did find a link for camping recipes:  Camping food for Kids.

    Anything involving leaving the comfort of our homes and venturing out into the great outdoors, means it's time to think about safety. So, of course, I found a link for you to research before you head out: Outdoor Safety.

    Be safe and have a good summer!

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