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 Issue # 7 May 2004 
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  • New worm masquerades as Microsoft update
    by Gloria Yera
    May 2004
    Internet users beware! There is a new worm out on the prowl and it's disguises are more than deceiving. The new virus is called Sober D and it disguises itself as a Microsoft Update patch claiming that it will conquer the new MyDoom worm. Once activated, the worm displays a patch loading screen and embeds itself into the user's email addresses and mails itself out using it's own SMTP engine.The email, written in either English or German, has the headline 'Microsoft alert: please read!' The body text adds: 'New MyDoom virus variant detected - please download this digitally signed attachment.'Paul Bushen, technical manager at F-Secure UK, told "The social engineering is good enough to do the job of fooling people."People are not learning quickly that Microsoft does not send out emails like this.
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