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 Issue # 68 June 2009 
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  • Summer
    by Michelle Mook
    June 2009

    Since I could not for the life of me think of anything to write for June's newsletter, I decided to simply enter the theme - summer - into a search engine to see what I got.

    The first response of interest (to me, at any rate) was the summer tag at Flickr. Tons of amateur and professional images tagged with the word "summer" are really fun to page through. Some of the images really embody summer. I particularly resonated with the one of a tanned face with bleached eyelashes. 3

    The second was the Wikipedia article on summer. Even though I know that Wikipedia is trying to cover the whole of human knowledge, it never occurred to me that there might be an entire article for something as basic as summer! An interesting read, actually. (A great way to amuse and educate yourself is to read Wikipedia's article of the day. There's so much to know!)

    Third to catch my eye was an article over at Science World about summer solstice. I enjoy the exercise of putting things into perspective; it's easy to forget that our planet is whirling madly around the sun while our entire solar system spins through the vacuum of space when all you're really thinking about is finding time to do your laundry!

    Summer's officially here, so even though the Internet is a wonderful and fascinating place, we should probably all go play outside for awhile!

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