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 Issue # 69 July 2009 
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  • Freedom from Your Kitchen
    by Rochelle Helms
    July 2009

    One of the best things about summer is being outside so, why stay inside to prepare meals?

    In the South, I was taught to think of BBQ and grilling separately. BBQ consists of a few traditionally southern sides and pulled pork served with some sort of secret BBQ sauce. I still think of hushpuppies and greens when I hear the word bar-b-que. It has been around since the 1800s when people ate cooked pork and would get together with friends and family to have pig-pickins. It is said that this is how our current BBQ's started and has since evolved.

    It's not just pulled pork anymore. (Now, you ask my relatives and they will tell you there is only one way bar-b-que, the rest is grilling). The truth is, if you can eat it, you can cook it on a grill. From desserts to steak, it can all be done outside on the open flame. Here's a link for desserts, but look around there is so much more to this site.

    While I was searching for dessert recipes for the grill I found this:
    BarbecueWeb  PIE! That's right, pie on the grill.

    How does grilled Swiss cheese and Mushroom Bread, grilled Corn, Black Bean and Tomato Salad followed by a New York Steak with Blue Cheese Butter sound? You can find it all here:
    Lesley Cooks

    I have heard of deep frying Turkey, another specialty of my Grand-dad on Thanksgiving in Georgia, but look at this recipe for BBQ Turkey:
    BBQ Turkey

    There is not an unwritten law that says only meat can be grilled. I have a few friends that are vegetarian and found a link that is full of vegetarian and Lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes:
    Vegetarian BBQ Recipes

    So, don't stay in the kitchen while your family plays in the evening sun, take the kitchen outside. Enjoy your summer!

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