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 Issue # 15 January 2005 
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  • What happens after I click Dial?
    by Nate Oneel
    January 2005
    When you click the dial button your computer sends a command to the modem. This is known as "dial-up networking process". If it successfully finds the modem and gets a response from it, the computer tells your modem to dial your internet service provider's number (ISP). Then you will hear dialing. The ISP's access number is answered by a modem, which is connected to your ISP's network. Your modem and the ISP's modem "talk" to each other to negotiate a connection speed and communication protocols that govern such things as how data is compressed. This modem to modem talking is the squeaks, squawks, and bonging sounds you hear. Once this process is complete, you shouldn't hear any more noises out of your modem. If the modems succeed in their communication, your computer attempts to use your user name and password to log onto your ISP's network and get a connection to the internet. For this to happen, there must be additional communication protocols (a computer language or command that allows computers to communicate with each other) on your computer which are compatible with your ISP's setup. Once you are successfully logged on to your ISP, the Dial-Up Networking icon (two little computers connected by cables) will appear in the system tray at the lower right of your screen. If you hold your mouse cursor over this icon, a little box will appear saying something like "connected at 33,600" which is the speed of your connection.
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