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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 16 February 2005 
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  • Letter from the Editor
    by Matt Stephens
    February 2005
    Welcome to this month's edition of The On Ramp. Our search for the perfect combination of entertainment and information brings us to this collection of interesting articles as well as jokes from our great customers!

    A couple of short reminders and then I'll let you get on to reading. First, I would like to remind everyone that Blue Mountain Internet has THREE different ways you can contact us now. The first is the old fashioned way - by phone at 509-522-5006 or 800-485-5006. Secondly, you can email our Techs at And the third way to contact us is to use BMI's new and exciting Live Chat. Why is this so great? Well, one advantage is that you don't have to shut down your computer while using your phone to call us. And the second advantage? IT'S LIVE. That's right. Instant communication with a BMI Tech - just like the instant messaging that you hear all the kids using these days. Try it out. It's available from 7am-10pm(PST) Monday-Friday, and 9am-6pm(PST) Saturday and Sunday. Simply log onto our website at and click the "Talk to BMI" window. And remember, our Tech support is FREE all the time, unlike some other internet providers we know about.

    Don't forget to tell your friends about us! Every person you refer and who signs up for service results is a $5.00 credit to your account. When they sign up for service we ask them if they were referred by anyone. They tell us that YOU referred them, then we give you back $5.00 which is posted to your account. We couldn't make it easier for you to receive free internet! Refer more than 5 people per month and we could end up owing you money!
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