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 Issue # 16 February 2005 
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    by KJ Newby
    February 2005
    Hello, this is KJ and this month I'm bringing you some of the most common Worms that are being passed around the Internet. Here is a short definition of "Worms" followed by a handful of links that will provide you with Worm description and removal information. Many worms use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to propagate. These types of e-mail "Worms" have an attached file that has to be clicked open to be installed. These types of worms typically have a file with a double extension, such as (NAME.BMP.EXE or NAME.TXT.VBS). These extensions are Windows executable files that install a program on your computer. These programs can be Remote control programs, Spyware, Keyloggers or any software used maliciously. Additional extensions are VBS, SHS, BAT, EXE, CMD and PIF.
    You can click on any of the links below to get in-depth description and removal information.
    W32/Netsky-P W32/Zafi-B W32/Sasser W32/Netsky-B W32/Netsky-P W32/Zafi-B W32/Sasser W32/Netsky-B W32/Netsky-D W32/Netsky-Z W32/MyDoom-A W32/Sober-I W32/Netsky-C W32/Bagle-AA
    If you are not currently running an Anti-Virus program, BMI can provide you with complete Anti-Virus software for as little as $2.00 a month. Just give us a call at 1-800-485-5006. Hope you all have a great 2005!
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