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 Issue # 16 February 2005 
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  • What is Line Noise?
    by Nathon Oneel
    February 2005
    Q: What is line noise?
    A: Well, line noise is static or noise interference on your phone line. Line noise may be induced by poor connections, interference or cross-talk from other circuits and electrical storms. You can have the slickest system with the fastest modem in the best part of town, and still be struck down to 33.3 Kbps or slower.

    Here's why: an estimated 80 percent of all line noise problems have their origin in the home or office where the modem is located. There are a few ways you can test for this problem. Take the phone line out of the computer and plug it into a phone set, pick up the receiver and dial the number 1 (which kills the dial tone). Do you hear any line noise (hissing, popping, static, etc.)? If yes, you know you've got a line noise problem and need to contact your phone company. Another way to test for line noise is to run a "hyper terminal" test while dialing out on your computer.

    Hyper Terminal is communication software that allows you to test for line noise and other connection problems. This software is included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. Here's how to do it
  • Go to Start
  • Program
  • Accessories
  • Communications
  • Hyper terminal
  • Name the connection "Test" and click OK
  • Enter the phone number for your ISP connection
  • Click Dial
    After the handshaking is done, you should see on the screen the word: "Login", though this varies from ISP to ISP. Wait about 60 seconds then disconnect by using the pull down menu under "Call", then select "Disconnect". After you are disconnected, type ati6, (that command is for a U.S. Robotics 56K FAX ) press ENTER, and the results will appear. (For your command to get the results display, go to the link below.) Results will vary from modem to modem and what you should be looking for as a problem. At the bottom I have included a link where you can find out what results you should be looking for.
    Click Here for Helpful Info
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