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 Issue # 16 February 2005 
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    by Tony Abrego
    February 2005
    Hello all. Here is the tech question of the month:
    How do I get to my spam filter?

    Spam filters forward the spam emails to the quarantine section, hence preventing the spam from entering your inbox. The benefit of using your spam filters is that you get only the email that you want and quarantine the ones that you don't want. BMI's Postini spam filter scans all your incoming mail and filters the bad emails. We quarantine 40 percent of all incoming mail daily and forward 60 percent to the inbox.

    To get to your spam filters you go to and click on the "Quarantine" link at the top of the page. You can log in to your quarantine section with your email address and password

    Once you're in the quarantine section you can see your quarantined messages. At this point you can put a checkmark next to any of the email that you want to receive in your inbox, then click the "deliver" button. To avoid viruses and other problems, only choose to receive emails from people you know and emails that contain text that you trust. To delete the emails that do not look trustworthy, put a checkmark on the box next to the email and click the "remove" button.
    Now click on the "junk email settings" link. This will bring you to the spam filters. From this page you can adjust the level of filtering that you desire. Lenient means that you allow some spam to enter, aggressive will block more of the spam from entering. On this same page there is an approved sender's list and a blocked sender's list. If you ever get emails in quarantine that you would like to be sent directly to your inbox, just add their email address to the approved sender's list. If you ever get spam in your inbox that you would like to have directed to your quarantine, put their email address in the blocked sender's list. Sometimes if you set your filters too high, you might find some of the good emails in the quarantine center.
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