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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 1 September 2003 
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  • St. Patrick's Day Funnies
    by Katrina Moran
    September 2003

    Q: Where would you find a leprechaun baseball team? In the Little League.
    Q: Did you hear about the leprechaun who worked at the diner? He was a short-order cook.
    Q: Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day? Regular rocks are too heavy.
    Q: What do you call a clumsy Irish dance? A jig mistake
    Q: What would you get if you crossed an Irish landmark with a Stone Age cartoon character? Blarney Rubble.
    Q: What's little and green and goes two hundred miles per hour? A leprechaun in a blender.
    Q: Do leprechaun's get angry when you make fun of their height? Yes, but only a little.
    Q: How did the Irish Jig get started? Too much beer and not enough restrooms.
    Q: What do you get when you cross poison-ivy with a four-leaf clover? A rash of Good Luck.
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