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 Issue # 17 March 2005 
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  • Scrabble Fun
    by Carol Hall
    March 2005
    In our monthly newsletters, we provide you with a "Wordfind" puzzle, and also a "Crossword" puzzle. I know that many of you are "Word Gamers" because of the large volume of completed puzzles we receive. I particularly enjoy a good game of Scrabble, but sometimes grow weary of competing with the computer. However, trying to find a convenient time to meet with a Scrabble friend online can be hard as well. I ran across a fun site recently which allows me, and 1, 2 or 3 others to play Scrabble together and at our leisure. The way this works is simple.

    The scrabble board is emailed from one person to another. As each person takes their turn, it is sent to the next person and so on. The email contains a link that you click on, you log in, and presto your "in process" game is waiting for you to take your turn. You do not have to buy the game, download any programs or even be in a rush. Each player can take up to two days to play so it fits everyone's schedule. While the game is being emailed from person to person, there is also a place for you to send messages to those you are playing with. So, not only do you have fun playing, you get to keep in touch as well. I recently played a game with my sister who lives in another state. We had loads of fun playing scrabble and emailing messages back and forth. If you are interested please visit Scrabble and Enjoy!
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