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 Issue # 18 April 2005 
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    by Renee Eagon
    April 2005
    Internet Access now brings the world to your doorstep with the click of your mouse. You can buy, sell, research, explore genealogy, email, chat, date, or just about anything else you can think of! There are more than 3 billion available documents on the web and that number increases daily by tens of thousands. When you are looking for a desired item or service, knowing how to properly operate a search engine will give you the best results plus enhance your surfing experience.

    Keywords: If you want to find something fast, narrow your search down to the best keywords in order to find the desired results quickly and efficiently. Words in the website's content and title are carefully selected to optimize the search engine's success of finding that site. The search engine will objectively look at millions and millions of web sites for those keywords.

    After you type your subject matter into the search engine field, click GO or hit ENTER and a results page is displayed. At the top of this page are the number of pages it found that contained that keyword. This results page also gives you 10 links. Ten pages of these results are available to you as links and are listed on the top and bottom of the same page. If your keywords are too generalized, you could get millions of search results on thousands of pages. However, if you narrow your keywords to more specific characteristics, you'll get fewer search results. It's easier to view a small, targeted selection of your subject matter than a large untargeted selection.

    Keep in mind that search engine programmers change the site rules frequently. Therefore, the keywords you used yesterday may not produce the same results today. Search engines are usually case sensitive when searching. Enter your subject in all lower case letters. This will tell the search engine to perform a case insensitive search and you will get better results.
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