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 Issue # 20 June 2005 
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  • Filter or Not?
    by Mike Rochelle
    June 2005
    What is Content Filtering?

    Content filtering is the process of inspecting websites for pornographic, improper words or generally bad content. Once identified, your web browser will prohibit the display of the page.

    "Content Filtering" can be achieved in many ways. A limited content filter is included with Internet Explorer or you can purchase software like NetNanny or Cyber Sitter from a computer retailer. Some of the software packages that you purchase will require a subscription to their service.

    You may or may not have considered using "content filtering" with your present internet connection. Some of you have called and asked about it over the years, so I thought I would give you a brief overview of what it is and its uses.

    The most common use of content filtering is to "filter out" inappropriate websites from your home or office computers. Parents often want to protect their children from stumbling across inappropriate sites. In the work environment, businesses sometimes want to prevent employees from visiting inappropriate websites during the work day. While both of these scenarios are valid and worthwhile, problems from content filtering can also pop up. Here are a few things to consider if you are wondering whether or not to enable content filtering:

  • You can filter out inappropriate websites for your children
  • You can insure work time is not used surfing inappropriate sites
  • Content filtering works with most browsers
  • It is difficult to get past content filtering when it is enabled
  • Sometimes content filtering will filter out sites that are not inappropriate but simply contain words that can be associated with something inappropriate (i.e. breast cancer).
  • Content filtering is secured by a password, and if you forget the password, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to get back in and make any changes.
  • If a website is "not rated", like BMI or Yahoo, some content filtering systems will block them even if they do not contain inappropriate content.
  • Content filtering may slow down your surfing experience
    For a more in depth look at content filtering and the pros and cons, please visit:More Info About Filtering
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