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 Issue # 1 September 2003 
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  • Internet Taxation
    by Matt Stephens
    September 2003
    How much do you know about the Internet and Taxes? Here are some interesting facts! Sales on the internet are considered to be international sales and are exempt from state taxes. The Supreme Court ruled several years ago that taxing sales on the internet would impose an unconstitutional burden on interstate commerce for one state to ask a seller located in another state to collect sales tax on its behalf. Some companies have "panicked" adding sales tax to online shopping, stating that they do not want to deal with owing back sales tax. Speculators estimate that within 2-5 years, there will be some sort of sales tax on Internet Transactions. Is there Tax on Internet Usage? Currently, the internet is viewed as "other means" meaning that in order to use the internet, you have to have another taxed service; for example: cable, phone. With those services already being taxed, the internet cannot be taxed.
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