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 Issue # 23 September 2005 
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  • Buy it! Sell it!
    by Matt Stephens
    September 2005
    It is said that "truth in advertising" is a myth. However, I do not totally agree with that statement. One of my favorite commercials is also one of the most honest and truthful commercials I have ever seen. It is an eBay commercial. There is a man working in a department store, and a woman asks for something and he begins to sing about all the wonderful things you can find on eBay. My son enjoys singing along to it which only adds to the humor of the entire commercial.

    The truth isn't that department store sales staff will sing to you. The truth is that you can literally find anything you want or need through online auctions.
    • Need an original clock for your 1941 Buick project? I found one.
    • How about a bumper for your 1973 Comet GT? I found one.
    Once there was a person auctioning his fiancée's wedding dress after she left him at the altar. He was not just selling it, but "modeling" it himself. Online aucitons are as entertaining as they are useful!. You can literally find anything (car parts, irrigation items, home decorations, matchbox cars, bed, bath and beauty supplies, etc). If you can dream of it, it's there for you to bid on.

    The "how-to's" of online auctions are easy:

    You just have to set up an account with the auction site. Take eBay for instance:
    • Log onto eBay
    • Click on the link to "register". I helped my cousin do this, and trust me,if he can do it, anyone can.

      Once you have registered, you can buy and sell on eBay.
    • Near the top and bottom of each auction is a bid button. It really is that simple.
    • Selling is just as easy. Once you have an account set up with the auction site, you will have access to a user's folder where you can list items you wish to sell. There is usually a small listing fee, or commission that you pay to the auction site

      A common question is "Should I use a picture when I'm selling an item?" The answer to this is yes. You don't have to, but think of it this way: "If you are looking for an item, are you going to take the word of the person selling it that it is in great condition? Or would you rather see it first?"

      The auctions will have a starting date and time and an ending date and time. You will be notified if you win a bid, and then you make arrangements for the final purchase and shipping. If you are selling an item, you will be notified of each offer you receive. You can set parameters for the selling price so you do not end up selling an item for less than you want to accept.

      Websites like eBay also have wonderful help menus that will guide you through the entire experience. So what are you waiting for? Go out in your garage and find the junk that could be someone's treasure. People will buy anything.
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