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 Issue # 23 September 2005 
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  • Reading on the Move
    by Carol Hall
    September 2005
    I love the "escape" reading a good story brings! I have always enjoyed reading, and do not remember a time that I did not. In today's world, however, it seems like our lives continually get busier and busier and there is less and less time for that "escape".

    Over the last few years, I found myself reading for enjoyment less and less, and asked myself how I might change that. Well, as usual, I began searching the Internet for clues. And, again...I found the perfect solution: Audio Books!
    Audio books are a great way for anyone to find time to read, even when you are busy:

    • Listen to a book on your commute to and from work
    • Listen to a book as you work in your yard
    • Listen to a book on a morning / evening walk
    • Listen to a book as you do your housework
    • Listen to a book as you ride your bike

    Living in a small town, I found the audio book selection at the public library and local bookstores to be rather limited. I purchased some used Audio books online at Then I found the BEST section yet: features thousands of Audio books, as well as magazines and other periodicals. The site makes it easy to search by genre, author, title, subject, etc. Once you find the book you want, and download it, provides you with the software you need to put the book in the format you want (you can listen from your computer, or put the book on your MP3 player, or burn it to a CD)

    So now, as I take my morning walk...I bring along my portable CD player and listen to several chapters!
    What a refreshing way to start my day!
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