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 Issue # 24 October 2005 
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  • News! News! News!
    by Matt Stephens
    October 2005
    Having a subscription to your local newspaper is a great way to keep up on your local news, as well as getting "the short version" of national and world news.
    What if you want more than that? What if you want to know about all of the devastation of the flooding in Louisiana? Or the coastal damage from Hurricane Ophelia? Or keeping up on news around the world, such as terrorism or the progress in the government and development of the Iraqi nation, and the list goes on...
    If you subscribed to all of the newspapers that kept you up to date on everything, you wouldn't be able to afford to eat. You'd have so much to read, you wouldn't have time to sleep. Not to mention the recycling nightmare!

    Once again, this is where the internet comes to the rescue. On the BMI Homepage you can find breaking news stories for things that are happening around the world. A mere click of the mouse, and you can read and be informed. If that's not what you're looking for, however, I can simplify it even more. Also on the BMI home page, there is a Google search window:
    "Let's say you want to find information on news in your local area. Type the name of your local newspaper in the "Google search" field and (in most cases) you will get an abbreviated, text version of your newspaper. Some of the larger newspapers even have graphics included. You can also search the classifieds for your local area.
    Other great sources for breaking news are the websites for your local and national news channels, such as CNN, FOX and The Weather Channel

    In the case of the national news channels, you can sign up to receive free breaking news emails that will inform you when "late breaking" news is happening. In the case of The Weather Channel, you can have your local weather forecast emailed to you daily.

    In short, the world is at your finger tips! News is just a click away!
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