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 Issue # 24 October 2005 
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  • Paying bills Online
    by Colin Miller
    October 2005
    Online bill paying is a great feature that has appeared with the increasing popularity of the internet.

    There are three varieties of online bill pay services available.
    1. You can choose to setup online bill pay with each and every payee you have at their website
    2. You can signup for an "all in one" type service where all bills are processed through a single third party company.
    3. You may also choose your bank to process the monthly transactions. Check with your bank for availability.

    Many "all in one" online bill pay services charge a monthly fee, and also a fee for every transaction. They range from $4.95 per month and $.30 cents per transaction to $12.95 per month, with 30 free transactions and then $.50 per transaction thereafter.

    Most larger companies such as Visa, American Express, and Citibank offer online bill pay, but this would not be an "all in one" type of situation. You would have to setup each company for the transaction. Obviously, there are cost concerns. One can choose no monthly fee and multiple setups, or a monthly charge and one setup.

    Some examples of an "all in one" type service are:

    Pay Trust
    Yahoo Finance
    Lower My Bills

    You can also visit your credit card company, bank or credit union's website to learn if they offer online bill pay.

    If you're weary of filling out checks and stamping envelopes, this may be the option for you!
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