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 Issue # 26 December 2005 
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    by Jose Acosta
    December 2005
    Classes have been in session for a few months now and maybe you find yourself wishing you had registered for that class or two you've been wanting to take. Now you have to wait another month or two, or even a year perhaps, right? Perhaps not! One of the myriad of benefits offered with the advent of the internet is online courses, also known as distance learning. Yes, classes you can take over the internet.

    So the next question is, "Where or how do I start?

    • You can check with a community college in your area and see if they offer online courses that you are interested in. Review their materials and follow their instructions for enrolling online.

    • If there is no college in your area, or if they do not offer the courses you are interested in, you can search the internet. Search with the keywords online courses using the Google search engine. That search will result in over 8 million choices! That might seem overwhelming, and it is. You might want to include other keywords in your search, such as the type of course you are looking for (i.e. accounting, para-legal, insurance, etc).

    • "How do you know whether all the colleges or universities listed are valid? Will employers value the online degree you receive? Will you be able to transfer credits from your online course to another institution? Will the online program you select provide a rigorous and worthwhile educational experience?" These are important questions you must answer BEFORE you embark on Online Classes.

    To assist you in determining whether a school is valid or accredited, the following links offer a host of helpful information to ensure that the choice of school you make will result in real courses and a genuine degree. You want to choose a school that is reputable, well-known, and one that you can contact by phone and request certain information that will satisfy your concerns.

    E-Sources This link will assist you in understanding 'Accreditation"

    Diploma Mills This link helps give a set of criteria to identify bogus schools, also known as diploma-mills.

    E-Learners This link shows a website that lists some accredited colleges. This is not an all inclusive list, but hopefully will give you a college or two that may be near for you to visit, because some courses may require a visit on campus as part of the coursework.

    Once you have determined the school you will apply to for online courses, there is the business of finances. You will want to carefully review and clearly understand to your satisfaction, all financial requirements and refund policies before parting with your hard-earned cash.

    Now, here are some links to a few colleges in the northwest part of United States that offer online courses:

    Walla Walla Community College
    Eastern Oregon University (La Grande, OR)
    Columbia Basin College (Pasco, WA)
    Washington State University (Pullman WA)
    Idaho State University (Several locations in Idaho)

    So, what are you waiting for? Check out online classes to quench your thirst for knowledge without being tied to attending classes at a specific time and day. You not only save gas from traveling to class, you have the option to manage your time for when you take the class and do your homework, as long as it is done on time of course.
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