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 Issue # 26 December 2005 
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  • Why BMI?
    by Matt Stephens
    December 2005
    "Why BMI?"

    Knowing that Blue Mountain Internet gives you a $5 credit for each person you refer to us, might give you incentive to tell people about us. But what happens when the person you are referring to us asks "why"? You could tell them that when they sign up you get $5, but how does that help them?

    America is filled with people asking the same question: "What's in it for me?" Well, at Blue Mountain Internet, we'd like to offer a few answers.

    Rewards: Blue Mountain Internet customers get many rewards just for being our customers. The rewards come in many forms. The $5 credit mentioned above is one reward. We also offer free software such as a firewall protector, a pop up ad blocker, anti-virus, Adware and Spyware removal tools, and free tech support. All of these are found at

    Customer Service: Every employee at BMI feels that customers really do come first. We strive to supply a level of customer service that many people dream of, but rarely find. Like pulling into a service station in 1955 with a flat tire in the rain - our Customer Service Representatives are rushing out to greet you and help you get on your way.

    Tech support: (Your friends may ask...): Many providers will advertise internet for as low as $6.95 or $9.95 a month. Read the fine print and you quickly learn that you have to pay for tech support. That $9.95 a month can quickly go up to $12.95 in just a one minute phone call. At BMI, our tech support is not only free, but we also give you four different ways to contact us:
    • You can call our office (800-522-5006 or 509-522-5006) and speak to a living, breathing human being,
    • You can go to our website and click on Live Chat to instant message (talk) one of our techs
    • You can email our tech support department and receive help within 24 hours
    • You can fax our office 509-529-5006

    Any way you decide to contact to us, we'll be happy to help you with no additional or hidden charges to you. Our support is free, easy and helpful. We're even open on the weekends!

    Portable: You can travel and take your laptop with you. We have local dialup access numbers in all 50 states. Yes, all 50. In most locations you travel to, we will have a local access number.

    Versatile: You can check your email (anywhere you have internet access through your connection, or someone else's) by going to our home page ( and clicking on the link for webmail.

    Affordable: Compare our pricing and valuable services with other providers. You will not find a better deal!

    As you can see, Blue Mountain Internet, its owners and staff, really believe that you are our most important asset. We love that we are able to share our success with you each and every day. We treasure you as customers, and as part of the BMI family. Help us expand our family, and the rewards will continue to grow.
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