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 Issue # 26 December 2005 
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  • Where is the Owners Manual?
    by Tony Abrego
    December 2005
    Have you ever lost the owner's manual for your T.V, stereo, or any of those cool electronic gadgets in your home? Maybe you bought something at a yard sale, or on Ebay, only to find out you don't know how to use it? That can be overwhelmingly frustrating, and you waste much time "trying to figure it out" or continually looking for the are anxious, irritated and stressed. STOP...go to your computer...let the Internet help you again!

    Whether it's instructions, drivers, product information, owner manuals or online support, you will find it all at most manufacturers' websites:

    . If you have a Sony VCR you can go to Sony and you will find everything you need for your Sony appliance. Simply go to Google and type the name of the manufacturer that made your product and Google will give you all the websites that are associated with that company.

    I would recommend starting with the manufacturers' home site, and searching from there. Most will have a link on them for 'Product Support", "Customer service" or "Help". Once you find the link for "Owner's manuals", they generally send you through a series of "choices". Have your product name, and model number handy to zip through to the information you need.

    Occasionally, you will run across a site that doesn't have information on the product you have. In that case, you have the option of emailing, or calling them for assistance. Many sites now include "Live Chat" as a way of talking directly to a representative via a real time online chat session.

    Searching for help on the Internet takes much less time than tearing apart your house trying to find the manual. Not to mention, when you are done, you do not have to put everything back in the drawers you emptied in your frenzied search! Relax, enjoy and let the Internet do the work for you!

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