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 Issue # 28 February 2006 
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  • Medical Online
    by Gena Bybee
    February 2006
    It always seems to happen. You have a medical problem when the doctor's office is closed. Getting help for your symptoms on-line (in the middle of the night) is so helpful. You may still need to see a doctor, but at least you may find out what's wrong or maybe even find some over the counter remedies.

    My Electronic MD : You can search by Medical Symptoms A to Z, or get a "Free Online Medical Diagnosis ".

    Diagnose Me: "Unexplained Symptoms?" Why guess? They will tell you what's really going on.

    Just Answer: Ask Your Medical Question:
    Recent health questions & expert answers from Doctors, Nurses & Other Medical Experts help you online ASAP! Just ask, they answer. You need to register to see other questions and answers in their archive. There is a question list button at the bottom of home page.
    (This one may also cost money. Most questions cost around $5.00 to $15.00 but some are a lot higher.)

    Here are some places you can do more research:

    Medicine Plus - They have dictionary spellings and definitions of medical words.
    The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia - Natural Remedies for over 500 diseases
    International Home Remedies - An archive of Home Remedies from around the world
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