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 Issue # 28 February 2006 
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  • Fast Food Facts
    by Victor Luna
    February 2006
    Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell - Have you ever dared to wonder how much fat, carbs or calories you are consuming? (Some of us would just rather NOT know) However, if you are the inquiring, informed type... "A whopper with cheese, medium french fries w/salt and a 22 oz. soda pop are about 1390 calories and that's only one meal!

    There are plenty of websites out there where you can check the nutritional content of the "fast foods" we love to consume. For example:

    If you are addicted to some of these fast food places, here is a site that shows you the healthiest foods you can order. Go to

    Health Check This site gives you the carbs, calories and fat content of the healthiest food you can buy at your favorite fast food restaurants. (See...they're not ALL bad!)

    With the information you now have, you can click your way to a good fast food choice that fits your eating habits!
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