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 Issue # 28 February 2006 
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  • That's Amore!
    by KJ Newby
    February 2006
    "That's Amore" This month we'll be taking a look at online dating. Below is list of internet dating pros and cons that is worth taking a look at if you are considering looking into the wonderful world of internet dating. Also, I will include a few links to reputable internet dating sites.

    So here are some of the pros & cons of online dating:

    • The variety of people is almost limitless.
    • No matter your background, you are almost guaranteed to find a match.
    • You can arrange group meetings instead individual ones. You can find potential partners with similar interests.
    • Online dating is safe and secure when used with a little common sense.
    • Many sites cater to disabilities.
    • It can be fun - imagine meeting a millionaire?
    • In most cases it's affordable and low cost.
    • If you have a particular background, you can almost definitely find some one with a similar background too.
    • You don''t need to meet people internationally or nationally. You can almost certainly find some one locally.
    • You can just search for friends and not just partners.
    • It's very easy to do. Simply create a profile, place it on the online dating site and start emailing other members.
    • Many dating sites include instant messaging, flirting, photo exchanging, etc.
    • Meet the type of people you want
    • Options on many sites allow you to join for just a few days, a week, a month, quarterly or even a year.
    • If you don't connect with the first person you meet, there are always plenty more fish in the online dating sea.
    • Searching for like-minded people is easy, as this is one of the options available on virtually all sites.

    • You can't see the person you are emailing.
    • It's easy to pretend to be some one else as identity is not verified.
    • Due to the anonymous nature of the Web, you may attract some undesirable characters. This may be rare but it can happen. Be careful.
    • On most sites you have to pay a fee. There are some free ones but most of those are not too great.
    • It can be uncomfortable meeting someone on the Internet whom you have never seen before.
    • Some times it's time-consuming.
    • If you're a female, you can usually expect a deluge of emails.
    • If you're a guy, expect to compete for the hot babes.

    Now that you have this information, try internet dating and maybe you too can find that special someone. Below are a few links to reputable dating sites. Have fun but be careful!


    NOTE: If you decide to meet a contact in person, always meet them in a public place to ensure your safety.
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