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 Issue # 28 February 2006 
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  • Let's Talk Viruses
    by Mike Rochelle
    February 2006
    "Let's talk viruses". (Unpleasant as it is...) Viruses are those pesky bugs that get into every part of a person's computer. "So how do they get in and what can you do about them?

    Viruses can get into your computer when you go to a questionable website and download a program with a virus attached to it. (You may not even realize it has happened) You can also get a virus from so called "free music" download sites like Kazaa or Limewire. The easiest way to get infected is to just open that email from Crazy old cousin Gertrude that never reads her email - she just forwards everything she gets!

    Now for the good part. BMI can keep you safe from Gertrude's email! But the rest, well that takes a little bit on your part.,,she's YOUR cousin)

    A good anti-virus program that updates automatically will save you from getting viruses from websites, music downloads, a shared computer disk between computers, (and Cousin Gertrude). Many major anti-virus programs come bundled with various other programs that claim to enhance it anti virus ability by adding unwanted or unneeded programs that only slow down your computer or make is unstable. BMI's anti-virus service does NOT do that. It automatically updates, and does not load your computer up with extra stuff!

    At BMI, we understand what your anti-virus needs are and therefore offer a wonderful anti-virus program that costs a mere $2.00 per month. And, if you have questions about it, we are here to help. All of us at BMI want your internet travels to be an enjoyable and safe experience.

    Want more information, or need to know how: to see if you have a current anti-virus program? Call us...we are here for YOU 800-485-5006 or 509-522-5006
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