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The On Ramp

The Blue Mountain Internet Customer Newsletter

 Issue # 29 March 2006 
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  • Your Personal Portal!
    by Mike Rochelle
    March 2006
    "Have you been to the BMI website? Have you really looked at it? Have you made it your personal portal to the Internet?" BMI's website portal is yours to customize to fit you. You can set-up your BMI portal so the things you want are there when you enter the internet.

    Go to: BMI Homepage
    Login with your BMI user name and password
    Click on customize on the top right hand side

    From that site you can add or remove any part of it you choose. Maybe you want Yahoo news, CNN and lottery results, but you do not want horoscopes or Links of Interest. You can have it show what you want, and where you want it on your starting page.

    Once you have logged into the BMI website, you can go to our rewards website for free software. You can also go directly to your email and spam settings and quarantined messages (Click on Quarantine at the top). There are many benefits to logging into the BMI website. Once you have logged in, it will 'remember' you until you 'logout" there is no need to login each time. Enjoy!
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