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 Issue # 29 March 2006 
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  • Spring Again!
    by Gena Bybee
    March 2006
    The winter weather is almost over, honest. It is time to start thinking about spring again!

    • Are you ready to start planting something wonderful in your garden?
    • Are you looking for something new and different then your last year's plants?
    • Troubled by a pest or problem you had last year?
    • Wondering if something will thrive in your geographical area?
    • First-time gardener?

    There are lots of new varieties of plants as well as the old standbys. You can start now by shopping online and have it shipped to you just in time to plant this spring. First time gardener? There is lots of information online just for you!

    HG TV: Click on the gardening tab on this site and it will provide you with lots of great ideas and information to start planning. You can look for gardening TV shows here too. Click on the TV tab on the left side and there will be a drop down box with a list of shows. Just pick one and see when it is on.

    National Gardening Association: Plant based educational articles for adult and kid gardeners

    Heirloom Roses. This is for those of you who are into roses. Talk about all kinds!

    Aquatic Plant Depot: If you have an Aquarium, Water Garden, or Pond that you would like to find some aquatic plants for, this site is awesome for unique water plants.

    GardenWeb: One of the largest gardening sites on the web, with articles on gardening and a directory full of nurseries. Need information on a specific plant? There is a large database of plants from A to Z.

    ENJOY and a Green Thumbs-up to you!
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