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The On Ramp

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 Issue # 2 October 2003 
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  • WebTv & BMI
    by Editor
    October 2003
    What is WebTv?
    WebTv is receiver that connects to your television and your telephone line and brings the Internet right into your home! You can surf the net from the comfort of your couch. MSNTv and WebTv are the same, WebTv was bought out by MSN. The WebTv unit comes with a receiver, wireless keyboard, and a remote control.
    How does BMI play a part in WebTv?
    BMI is an Internet Service Provider, we are an "On Ramp" for customer's to access the internet via: a personal computer, or webtv. Once you purchase the WebTv unit, setup is fast and easy, less than 20 minutes. The internet service is through MSN starting at $21.95 a month for unlimited access, or you can choose to use your own Internet Service Provider. If you choose to use your own Internet Service Provider, such as BMI, MSN will still charge you for the service, but they'll give you a $10.00 discount on the $21.95. For more information on WebTv Visit MSN for details
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