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 Issue # 30 April 2006 
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  • Turbo Charging!
    by Victor Luna
    April 2006
    "What is a web accelerator?" You have heard of it, and perhaps you are even using it....but do you really know what it is?

    BMI's Turbo Accelerator will display your web pages up to 7 times faster than when you are not using it. The accelerator is software that compresses the data that makes up the website (everything from the text to the graphics). By compressing the data, it makes the data packets smaller, so it takes less time for your screen to load. For example, when you click on a link to go to your favorite website, rather than waiting 21 seconds for the screen to fully load, it may take only 3 seconds. The accelerator programs have greatly advanced over the past few years. The degradation of graphics, once quite apparent, is hardly noticeable now. It is an efficient use of your internet time.

    Another way the Turbo Accelerator speeds things up, is by re-using your previously viewed web-page information (this is called caching), so the more you use it the faster it becomes, hence the term Turbo-charging...

    Since the Turbo Accelerator is not a "broadband" connection such as DSL or cable, it only speeds up your web-browsing abilities. It does not do anything to enhance downloads or connection speeds. If web-browsing is one of your primary uses of the Internet, Turbo is the product for you! It is very affordable ($5.00 per month) and it's easy to use. Contact us today, to try the Turbo accelerator for FREE for 30 days!

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