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 Issue # 30 April 2006 
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  • A Closer Look at IE 7.0
    by KJ Newby
    April 2006
    This month I'll be reviewing the latest release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, version 7.0 (beta 2). At first glance the browser looks much different from the previous versions, however, it seems to be an improvement from past releases. Here are some of the new features that I like:

    IE 7.0 now has Tabbed browsing abilities like Mozilla Firefox. In other words you can open up several web pages at once in the same browser without having to open multiple instances of the browser. They have also included a built-in search engine at the top of the browser that makes searching a breeze.

    Another key feature is a built in Pop-up blocker and a Phishing filter that checks the validity of the website you are on. This is a great improvement for your safety from phishing scams and will allow you to surf without the pain of pop-ups.

    You can now delete all browsing history, temp internet files and cookies with one simple click instead of deleting them in three steps as before.

    The browser also seems to load and navigate web sites quicker than before making it a well rounded browser. All in all, I think Microsoft has made vast improvements in this release and I would recommend it to anyone that is fond of the IE browser. Your computer must have enough horsepower to run it. I would be leery of loading it into older computers that don't have much processor speed or memory (RAM). Below is a link that you can click on to download and install the IE 7.0 (Beta 2) browser.

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