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 Issue # 31 May 2006 
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  • Hobbies
    by Nathon ONeel
    May 2006
    Everybody needs a hobby, especially guys. "Something to occupy your time when there's nothing better to do". It keeps you out of trouble and when you have finished, it's something to be proud of. For me, its cars and the internet has helped me so much.

    From "cheaper parts and great information", to that "rare and hard to find part", the internet has been a tremendous help! You just have to know how to search for what you want. Different websites and search engines will all give you different results. Chances are someone else has had the same idea and posted a "how to" online.

    When you go to a site and your eyes are getting tired of scanning the site to find what you are looking for, here is a tip:
    • Hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter f on your keyboard
    • Type in a keyword of what you are searching for and click on Find next
    This "find feature" will search that page for your keyword and save you from scanning the entire page! That really speeds up the searching process.

    If you don't have a hobby, the internet can help you find one as well. Click on: Hobbies and this site will help you find what you like to do. Probably what made you happy when you were a kid, could turn into a good hobby now. For me, watching my dad tune and clean his two hotrods is what got me into the car game.

    Internet Hobbies is another great site to get started. You can find products, ideas, and much more. Take a look!
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