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 Issue # 33 July 2006 
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    by Matt Stephens
    July 2006
    Hello again everyone, and welcome to my little corner of the newsletter. As a technician here at Blue Mountain Internet, I am here to help you!. One way I like to do that is by providing you with helpful information about issues you've had in the past, are currently having, or will have in the future. But help!... I'm running out of ideas! If you have had an issue that has frustrated you to the breaking point, feel free to share it with me so I can write an article on it for the newsletter. You can email those ideas to and put "Attention Matt" in the subject line.

    Now on to this month's article. In the last few weeks, the only issue that really sticks out in my head is authentication issues. I'm sure that at least half of you are now scratching your head wondering what I mean. Authentication is the "technical term" for your computer talking to our computer and agreeing on your identity. There are many different places on our network that your computer has to send your username and password for authentication such as the quarantine page or your email page. Let's start with the quarantine page - that wonderful place where your email gets filtered to block viruses and spam. From time to time you will find that you are unable to get into it. Chances are that the error message you get will seem like it's a third or even fourth language and you will stare blankly at it for a while hoping it will go away. But it doesn't. What is the problem? What should you do? You start searching frantically for the tech support number only to find that it's 10:30 at night and all our techs have gone home.

    Well, worry not. Just file this article away in your "answers" folder and you'll be able to review it when you need it.

    First of all, the issue probably lies in authentication. For one reason or another your computer and ours are not agreeing that you really are a BMI customer. Just follow the list of steps here:

    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Click on Tools
    • Click on Internet Options
    • Click on the Clear History button
    • Click on the Delete Cookies button (Windows 98 and earlier click on settings and view files and delete all the files in the list)
    • Click on the button. When the pop up window comes up, put a check in "Delete all offline content"
    • Click Okay to get out of the internet options window.
    • Go to
    • It should say "welcome visitor", and right under that there is a place for you to log in. Log in with your entire BMI email address ( and your password.
    • Once the welcome has switched to Welcome then you can click on Quarantine
    • Verify that the email address is correct. Type your password and log in.
    As the page loads, your frantic horror of being lost in an authentication abyss will slowly be replaced with the pride of being able to fix your issue without the help of a tech.

    Those same steps can solve many different authentication errors once you are online so store these instructions where you can find them when you need them.

    Thank you one and all for reading my light comedy/heavy reality this month. Please remember to send me the questions you want answered so I can put them in here. Have a wonderful month, and I'll talk to you soon.
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