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The On Ramp

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 Issue # 33 July 2006 
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    by Gena Bybee
    July 2006
    A guy went to the airport and asked for a roundtrip ticket.
    The ticket agent asked, "Where to?"
    The guy said, "Well, back here, of course."

    "They caught a guy last night burglarizing a house 'cause he broke two windows."
    "Why'd he do that?"
    "One to get in, and one to get out."

    Did you hear about the mother who got tired of putting name tags on her son's shirts, so she had his name legally changed to "Machine Washable"?

    How come you're only watering half your lawn?" a perplexed tourist asked a guy watering his lawn. He answered "I just heard there was a fifty percent chance of rain."

    A poor farmer was visiting Las Vegas. He had no money to gamble, so he watched the games and bet mentally. In no time at all, he'd lost his mind.

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