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 Issue # 34 August 2006 
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  • Gold Fever
    by Victor Luna
    August 2006
    Do you think that panning for gold is a thing of the past - just something you see in the movies but never seriously considered doing? Think again...many people still do it for fun and profit! Who may find a valuable nugget!

    All you need to pan for gold is
    • A shovel
    • An old dishpan (or a $5 gold pan)
    • A magnifying glass
    • A pair of tweezers
    • A small plastic vial in which to put your gold
    Gold pans are found at hardware stores, metal detector stores, rock shops and hobby shops.


    1. Fill two thirds of your pan with gravel, sand and sediment from the riverbank, then top it off with stream water.
    2. Keeping the pan partially submerged, swirl it in a circular motion until the lighter sediment washes away.
    3. Push aside the rocks on top and - (this is the moment of truth) - see what's left at the very bottom of the pan.
    4. Look for material with a shiny yellow sheen, but not stuff that twinkles like a crystal (that's probably just fools gold)
    5. Collect the gold flakes with tweezers and place them in your container

    Gold has been found in all 50 states Here are some websites that will help you when you decide to go panning for gold: Good Luck!

    Gold Maps
    Gold Prospectors
    Get Gold
    Nugget Hunter
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