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 Issue # 34 August 2006 
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    by Carol hall
    August 2006
    Okay, so you don't own a GPS, or a sonar device. You are not keen on digging and getting you knees dirty. The idea of swirling sediment in a dishpan doesn't excite you. You can STILL BE A TREASURE HUNTER! An up an coming pastime that weaves navigation, clues, art and intrigue together is referred to as 'LetterBoxing" In addition, this is a free and fun adventure.

    In April of 1998, Smithsonian magazine published an article on the Dartmoor letterboxes. Within a very short time, a loose alliance of adventurers and rubber stamp enthusiasts pioneered the introduction of the hobby to the US. With the Internet as a primary means of communication, the idea soon spread around the country. Web-sites and a discussion group were established. Letterboxes began to be placed in inconspicuous but interesting locations throughout the US.

    LetterBoxes are hidden containers that hold a notebook and rubber stamp. Clues for finding these letterboxes can be found on the sites listed below. Once you have successfully found a letterbox, you place your stamp impression in the notebook, and use the stamp in the letterbox to make an impression in your own notebook. You then replace the hidden letterbox and move on.

    Part of the art of letterboxing, is creating your own personal rubber stamp that represents your "signature".

    While researching articles regarding "treasure hunting", I was thrilled to find this topic. I eagerly searched for letter boxes in my town of Walla Walla. YES! One was listed. Much to my disappointment, however, I found that it has perished in a recent landscaping project at our city park. I know that letterboxes can careful when you hide them!

    Here are some great links to get you started:

    Walking Dartmoor
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