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 Issue # 35 September 2006 
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  • Accelerated Dialup!
    by Nathon O'Neel
    September 2006
    For dialup customers who can't get broadband or don't want the additional cost, TURBO is for you! BMI's Turbo Accelerator is software that speeds up your surfing and page to page browsing up to 7X faster than a standard dialup connection. Wonder how?

    Your computer saves bits and pieces of each website you visit. It's called a cookie or temp file. When you return to these websites, the turbo accelerator uses the bits and pieces the computer saved to display the page quickly then uses the internet connection for the content that was changed. The updated content is sent to your computer in a compressed format to allow quick delivery. This all happens in a matter of milliseconds thus increasing your surfing and page to page browsing up to 7X faster.

    If you have BMI's turbo accelerator software, don't clear out your cookies and temp files all the time. Let that library stack up!

    If you have never tried our turbo program then we'll give it to you for 30 days FREE. That way you can tell us what you think about it. You also can turn it off and on and actually see the difference when going to the same page. I personally can vouch for it, as my home location doesn't qualify for broadband, so I use Turbo daily. Without it, I would pull my hair out, (what little I have ) But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself.
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