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 Issue # 35 September 2006 
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  • Webmail VS Email Programs
    by Mike Rochelle
    September 2006
    Let's talk email:

    Email is the quickest way to correspond with people all over the world. There are 2 basic ways to email.

    1. The first way is using your computer and an email client such as Outlook Express. Using an Email Client/Program allows you to download the messages that are sent to you on your computer's hard drive. Once that occurs, you can go back and review the messages, even if you are not connected to the Internet. The messages are stored on your computer.

    2. Webmail is a convenient and a powerful tool for someone to check, respond to, and create email from any computer that is connected to the Internet. With webmail, you are not downloading the message to the computer you are using. You are accessing your email messages on the BMI mail server. Those email messages will stay on the BMI mail server until you access and download them with an Email Client/program such as Outlook Express.
    The way email works:

    When someone emails you it comes to the BMI mail server and sits there waiting for you do to something with it.

    • You could use Outlook Express, which makes a connection to our mail server and collects all your messages and downloads them to your computers hard drive. Those messages now reside on your computer where you can review, save, respond to, or delete them.

    • With webmail, you make a connection to the BMI mail server where the mail waits for you. You can review, save, respond to or delete these messages as well. The difference is that messages you did not delete will still be on our server when you are ready to download them with an email Client/program like Outlook Express.

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