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 Issue # 35 September 2006 
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    by Carol Hall
    September 2006
    Top Ten Signs Your Kid Isn't College Materal:

    10. His guidance counselor's file contains two words: "yard work."

    9. In yearbook, was voted "Most Likely To Injure Himself Opening a Door".

    8. During algebra, he interrupts teacher and asks, "When do we get to whittle?"

    7. SAT score? 9.

    6. He keeps telling everybody life is like a box of chocolates.

    5. Every time he sees a book he says, "What the hay is this dang thing?"

    4. He's the only 37 year old in the 4th grade.

    3. During appearance on "Jeopardy," he keeps buzzing in and asking, "Alex, can I have some candy?"

    2. Thinks "valedictorian" is a brand name of pens.

    1. Can't find Waldo.

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