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The On Ramp

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 Issue # 36 October 2006 
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    by Jon Alexander
    October 2006
    If you have been surfing today's internet you may have picked up that it can be the modern day version of the wild, wild west. There are some very cool web sites on the internet. Here are three interesting ones:

    . If you have a favorite web site that you love to hate check out Net Disaster You can throw pies at all the issues that irritate you.

    Are you bored? Have nothing to do? Look into . You will find some of the craziest photos and videos that the United States can produce. Hey, isn't that your neighbor in that picture.

    Want to impress your friends with a customized Google Map? You can do it. Look into Show Me Where
    . There are easy step-by-step instructions the will make maps in both the regular map screens and in the google earth option. You can even add the map to your web page.
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