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 Issue # 37 November 2006 
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    by Nathon O'Neel
    November 2006
    These are the coolest sites in the entire world (in my opinion)

    #1 has got to be Ebay. At this site you can get anything, and get it cheap. Hard to find parts, videos, electronics. Chances are someone out there thinks its junk but it's GOLD to you and me! Best of all, most things are sold in auctions, meaning if no one else bids on it you get it even cheaper! The beauty of it is that it changes so fast on a day to day basis nothing ever gets old. That's why people are making it a full time job and making a killing off it! One mans junk is another man's treasure. Truly.

    #2 on my count down would have to be Google. This information highway will find you anything! It's . Misspelling, switching the words around, finding it in a round about way will all get you different results...and may be more accurate for what you are truly looking for. Me (being a car guy)...let's say it's a car part you are looking for - tough to find because it's rare or the local parts store wants too much. Search google for the car, or do research and find out what other cars came with the same part. Search for that one. Junk yard search engines will get you just what you want. Not only cars, but facts too. "How to convert metric to standard, dollars to euros, is this true or not, etc". The possibilities are endless. Chances are if you thought of it, someone else has too, and you can find it here.

    #3 Last, but not least is My Space I personally don't use it but I know a lot about it. This website is the most popular for meeting people, finding friends, and just finding others with the same interests. To vent your problems with life, to get whatever off your chest. Pictures, chats, and group discussion on about every topic I. This site is awesome for talking with others and getting your opinion out there.
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