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 Issue # 37 November 2006 
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  • Broadband
    by Mike Rochelle
    November 2006
    Broadband ---- You know it, you love it. Only thing is, Can you get it??

    What is broadband? Well broadband is any High Speed Internet connection that is faster than dialup.

    Let's run over the different choices at present for broadband:

    DSL: "Digital Subscriber Line" This type comes over a phone line and is distance specific, which mean you may be able to get this if you are close enough to DSL equipment.

    Cable: Cable Internet comes over your cable line. Your cable company must have updated equipment to be able to provide this service.

    Satellite: Satellite Internet users a dish typically about 2.5 feet in diameter and faces the northern sky. This is the most universal type of broadband since you can use it anywhere you can see the satellite.

    Wireless (Fixed): This is where a small antenna is placed on your house and faces towards equipment (radio transmitter) on a tall building or hill. The internet signal is received by the antenna on your house and it is connected to your computer with a cable or a home wireless network.

    Wireless (Mobile): This is either through a cell phone or a company that provides mobile computing.

    In certain areas of the world, there are companies testing right now a new technology that will be able to bring new services to you over your power lines. Keep watching the news for new technology that will make your internet more enjoyable.
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