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 Issue # 37 November 2006 
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  • BMI Spam Updates
    by Ruben Bybee
    November 2006
    BMI is continually working to improve the spam system that we use to reduce and eliminate spam to your inbox. Our border email servers handle the Virus, Phish, and Worm scanning. Any email with a virus, worm, or phish is instantly dropped by our border servers. Our border servers also handle the authentication of senders and sender IP addresses. If a sender has been known to send a lot of spam then they are blacklisted and cannot reach our network. These blacklist databases (RBLs) are maintained from a variety of sources and are updated continually.

    At the core of our spam processing is a cluster of 5 spam scoring servers running the award winning SpamAssassin engine. Building upon the standard heuristic 1,207 rules, we incorporate 3,800 rules that are updated daily from multiple resources on the net including SpamCops top 200 list.

    In addition to the heuristic (pattern matching) rulesets, we also incorporate bayesian scoring rules which you help us to train by sending in your spams to These bayesian rules are extracted from each email report and automatically update a centralized Bayesian storage of reports.

    The above rules each score a small number from 0.1 to 5.0. Then our system adds all the little scores together to come up with a spam score for each email message. This spam score is compared to your personal spam score settings and if it exceeds your spam level then it does not go to your inbox. If the spam score is higher than your drop level then the spam is dropped and never seen by you. Spams that are higher than your personal spam score and lower than the drop level are quarantined for your review for up to two weeks.
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