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 Issue # 37 November 2006 
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  • Puzzling Time
    by Carol Hall
    November 2006
    Are you one of those that periodically have an extra 5 - 12 minutes of "dead time" on your hands? Looking for something quick and entertaining to fill that space? Here is something fun to try! Visit: JigZone

    This site is a great place to work a quickie jigsaw puzzle online. You can burst the picture into different numbers, sizes and shaped pieces, just depending on how much time you want to put into it. My favorite is 80 piece Classic, however....a real quick and entertaining cut is the 35 piece Jigzone cut! Go ahead...give it a quick try. After you finish ....scroll down on the left and it will compare your time with the fastest and average solve times.

    If you get bitten by the "jigsaw bug" is another idea: go to Jigsaw Puzzle LIte and download the program FREE. This program allows you to make jigsaw puzzles from pictures on your computer. Just imagine working a jigsaw of your grandkids!

    The real value of working jigsaw puzzles on your computer, however, is that the cat doesn't destroy them after you go to bed! ,/i. Have Fun!
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