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 Issue # 39 Jan 2007 
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  • Email Etiquette
    by Mike Rochelle
    Jan 2007
    . Yes I said Netiquette. That is etiquette for the . In simple terms, being nice and courteous.

    Today's lesson is email. You just got high speed internet and have downloaded a funny video you want to share with EVERYONE in your address book. The video is 6 megs and it was lightning quick to download with your zippy connection. "So what are the problems? Here at BMI, we get call after call from customers that are on dialup and are trying to download a cool video that their friend on a broadband connection sent them and now it will take 45 minutes to download. People want the LARGE email deleted so they can get on with their life.
    The moral of the story is be kind and ask the people you are sending mail to if they mind you sending it.
    And another netiquette item is forwards. Have you ever gotten an email that has so many email addresses in it you can't even find the message? Just delete all those addresses from the email that you are sending and people will enjoy getting your emails even more when you take the time to clean them up.
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