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 Issue # 39 Jan 2007 
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  • Dial up connection
    by Victor Luna
    Jan 2007
    What happens when you hit the connect button? The first thing your modem (the modem is a modulator/demodulator, or in other words...the device that connects you to the Internet via your phone line) does is make a phone call to a local number for the Internet. Once the phone call goes through you hear those modem noises. That is the modem trying to get connected to that phone number. When your phone line has connected to the phone number for the Internet, our server has to verify you with authentication to make sure the username and password both match what our server states is correct. If the user name and password match, it allows the connection and starts transmitting information to and from your computer.

    All of the above happens relatively quickly considering the steps it goes through. When you are unable to make a successful connection, often times it is because the username and password you have typed in are incorrect. Many times it is as simple as having your CapLock key on. If our server is expecting you to type in lower case letters, and you type in upper case letters, our server considers that incorrect and will not allow you to connect.
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